ConnectFour Picture

ConnectFour is the classic 4-in-a-row game! You can drop your tile in a row, and you win by connecting four of your tiles in a line.

How To Play

  • The rows are numbered above from 1 to the last row (usually 9), you can send that number in the chat to drop a tile in the corresponding row.
  • Connect four of your tiles to win!


  • Tiles (tiles): How many tiles need to be connected for victory. Yes you can make your dream game Connect 3. 3 to 6, 4 by default.
  • Rows (rows): How many rows should the board have. 1 to 6, 6 by default.
  • Columns (columns): How many columns should the board have. 1 to 8, 7 by default.

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