Minesweeper Picture

Minesweeper is a single player game based on the game with the same name on Windows. Your goal is to reveal all tiles without landing on randomly spread bombs. The catch is that whenever you dig a tile that isn't a bomb, you'll know the number of bombs in the surrounding 8 tiles.

How To Play

  • Rows are named in letters and columns are named in numbers. The tile you want to dig will be the letter for the row and the number for the column you wish to dig in, similar to how battleship is played (e.g. c4 for the tile in row C and column 4). Send that on the chat to dig the tile.
  • You can flag a tile as a bomb by adding "F" in the end of the message.
  • Win by digging out all tiles that aren't bombs.


  • Bombs (bombs): How many bombs will be spread around the land. To make the game more difficult, add more bombs. 2 to 30, 13 by default.
  • Rows (rows): How many rows the land should have. 4 to 6, 6 by default.
  • Columns (columns): How many columns the land should have. 4 to 6, 6 by default.

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